Air quality management

Definition of dust by Oxford English Dictionary is “finely powered earth or other matter lying on the ground or on surfaces, carried about in clouds by wind”.

We provide air quality management with our professional partners to include project planning, facility siting, compliance testing and modelling (AERMOD).

We bring expertise to every project whether it be:

  • At a strategic level in supporting business decisions and goal setting OR
  • At a tactical level providing testing for compliance, auditing, permitting and reporting

Nuisance or fugitive dust – ambient impact assessment

Nuisance of fugitive dust has a significant amenity impact. It arises from many processes and is emitted from stacks, vents or stockpiles. Fugitive dust emissions are difficult to control and require application of appropriate management practice.

A&AS’ environmental team provides management guidelines specific to each site to minimise fugitive dust emissions.

In short, we can assist you with:

  • Inhalable respirable dust monitoring and analysis
  • Assessment of Fugitive Dust Control Melbourne & Victoria
  • OH&S dust monitoring for inhalable dust
  • Workplace Monitoring dust
  • Air Quality Management plans
  • Air emission testing as per VIC EPA licence requirements
  • Environmental Risk Assessment

Our environmental team is experienced in both Acoustic and Air Quality Assessment being able to provide both services. Our team can also conduct your biennial workplace industrial hearing tests to meet the OH&S requirement legislation.

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